CalltoAction is a fundrazing company. The idea was to create an office area within the stables of a former palace of the nineteenth century. The activity of this organization and the features of the building were critical for the conception of the project: less is more!

The Palace of Lane Cova da Moura No. 2, is part of the historic district of Pampulha, in Lisbon, this mansion dates back to the sec. XIX. The beauty of the building in which the CalltoAction with vaulted ceilings, which highlights the strong presence of the brick ass knife, took us in order to provide all the ephemeral character of intervention, respecting and guaranteeing the continuing full of old facilities.

Regarding the activity of the company, I must use economic and simple materials such as plasterboard, MDF and glass. Functional areas: Installation of four workstations, a meeting room, a mini pantry (built in a closet) and a zone entry.

Project featured at Prandina website.
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